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Summer Reader 2013 Evanced Style Templates and Certificates
Viewed 13063 times since Fri, Feb 8, 2013
**The following video is for customers on version 10** Important If you are a CSLP or iRead member, please contact support for templates. For participants in state wide sponsored programs, their custom style templates will... Read More
Summer Reader Evanced Style Templates Archive
Viewed 5978 times since Fri, Jan 18, 2013
How to Download and Apply a Style Sheet in Version 9 Click here to view a picture tutorial Step 1: Go to the System Maintenance page on the staff side and select Page Editor Step 2: Select the program that you want to change Step 3: Click the... Read More
An Introduction to CSS in Summer Reader
Viewed 1480 times since Mon, Oct 31, 2011
Summer Reader gives you the ability to create custom websites to draw your patrons in. Using the Page Editor tool (available on the System Maintenance page), you can give your program the exact look you want. These pages use CSS (Cascading Style... Read More
How to export and import a program’s style sheet in Summer Reader
Viewed 1353 times since Mon, Nov 21, 2011
This article is intended for Summer Reader system administrators, who wish to import the look and feel of a program in their system into a template style sheet.   1 - Go to the setup page of the program in question (wrench icon next that program... Read More
Understanding Template Style Sheets
Viewed 1239 times since Thu, Nov 17, 2011
You can load, edit, save, and export template style sheets in Summer Reader. You can access the Template Style Sheets from the System Maintenance menu. This section is not supported by Evanced Support. Template Style Sheets control the look of every... Read More
How to use Page Editor to Edit the Summer Reader Home Page-Main Class
Viewed 572 times since Mon, Oct 31, 2011
You can use the Page Editor to customize your Summer Reader site using CSS coding. If you are new to CSS coding please refer to this excellent resource. These instructions are for the CSS coding of the Main Class of the Home Page. Body: Styles the... Read More