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How to create a school drop down list and subgroup in Summer Reader registration
Viewed 7332 times since Thu, Jan 24, 2013
Summer Reader gives you the option of creating multiple drop down lists with in the same registration item. For instance, you may want to provide a list of school districts, followed by a list of schools that correspond with each district. If you... Read More
Tiered Prize Messages Setup for Prizes Won for Each Level
Viewed 1853 times since Mon, Oct 17, 2011
This article shows how to setup a prize message; to show on the logged-in patron home page and let them know about the prize they won for completing each level of reading in Summer Reader. Staff members have access to complete this setup. From your... Read More
How To Setup Registration Questions
Viewed 1611 times since Fri, Nov 18, 2011
In Summer Reader, you can customize the Registration Setup for any program. You can access the Program Registration Setup page from the Add Program or the Edit Program Pages. Some aspects of registration are controlled by the Program Setup page, and... Read More
Summer Reader Language/Text Troubleshooting
Viewed 1302 times since Wed, Jan 23, 2013
When Editing language files on Summer Reader, occasionally mistakes happen. When this occurs, you may not see your changes populate on the patron side. If a language is not loading for a specific program, it is due to one or more variables that... Read More
Understanding Logging
Viewed 1166 times since Tue, Oct 18, 2011
"Logging" is the process by which patrons record what they've read. Adding a new Logging Type is easy. These are created on the Logging Types Menu, which can be accessed from the System Maintenance page.Just choose a name. Here are some... Read More
How to Set Up Family Registration in Summer Reader
Viewed 801 times since Mon, Dec 12, 2011
Summer Reader allows families to register together. Note: If you found this article looking for help with Events, the Events program does not allow family registration. Head to the Program Setup page. Under registration settings, click 'Yes&... Read More
How to Integrate Facebook with Summer Reader
Viewed 759 times since Tue, Nov 22, 2011
Summer Reader supports the ability for patrons to add their logging and review information to their Facebook wall. This helps them to share with their friends how they are doing as well as giving you publicity for your program. You can turn Facebook... Read More
How to Manage RSS Feeds in Summer Reader
Viewed 626 times since Tue, Nov 22, 2011
Summer Reader participants can sign up for custom RSS feeds if they have been enabled in Program Setup. RSS feeds are a great way to keep track of changes to a web page without having to constantly refresh that page. They can choose RSS feeds that... Read More