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Tags used in Email Template for Recurring Reservations
Viewed 10308 times since Wed, Aug 28, 2013
The following tags are used in the email template when setting recurring reservations: ^DATE^ - date of occurrence ^STARTTIME^ - start time of the of occurrence ^TIME^ - start time of the of occurrence ^ENDTIME^ - end time of the of occurrence ... Read More
Understanding Room Email Templates
Viewed 1298 times since Tue, Oct 4, 2011
Room and Equipment Email Templates control the email alerts the system sends out to patrons. You can access the menu from the System Configuration and Settings page. There is one menu for Room Templates and another for Equipment. To configure the... Read More
Understanding the Room System Templates Page
Viewed 536 times since Mon, Oct 3, 2011
Room System Templates control the messages that patrons see when performing various system tasks. They can be accessed from the System Configurations and Settings. Patron Request This is the message a patron sees when his or her... Read More
Understanding System Messages Maintenance
Viewed 487 times since Mon, Oct 3, 2011
System Messages are given to the patron as he or she attempts to use the system. You can customize the text of these messages from the Systems Configuration and Settings menu. Library Card Note This is the message the system... Read More
Understanding Equipment System Templates
Viewed 363 times since Mon, Oct 3, 2011
Equipment System Templates control the messages users receive when they attempt to reserve equipment.  This menu can be found as part of the System Configurations and Settings menu. Patron Request controls the message patrons receive when they... Read More