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How to Bulk Publish Events
Viewed 10165 times since Thu, Sep 8, 2011
You can access the Bulk Publish Button from the Add/Edit/Archive Page. Publishing makes an Event entry viewable by the public. An event entry may be unpublished because it was entered by a user lacking the clearance to publish events to the calendar... Read More
Understanding Ongoing and Recurring Events
Viewed 5480 times since Thu, Sep 15, 2011
Q: What is the difference between an Ongoing and a Recurring Event? Ongoing and Recurring events are very different. You assign them when you add a new event (Events). This also works in SignUp. Ongoing Events aren't really events in the... Read More
How to Events - Using Flickr Images
Viewed 3433 times since Tue, Sep 27, 2011
Using Flickr® images with Events The Flickr® service makes it possible to post your images hosted on Flickr® to outside web sites. However, pages on other web sites that display images hosted on flickr.com must provide a link from each... Read More
How To Events-Remove a single date from a recurring series
Viewed 2313 times since Tue, Sep 27, 2011
After creating a recurring event, you can remove a single date by following these steps. On the "Add/Edit/Archive" screen, select your filter so this event is the only one that is displayed. Use a keyword that is specific to this event if you have... Read More
How to Schedule Holiday Closings
Viewed 1509 times since Tue, Feb 14, 2012
Depending on which software you have, there are multiple ways to schedule a holiday closing. Please note the setups carefully: 1. I have Events only OR Events and Rooms and a MULTIBRANCH library. If you have both Events and Rooms and a Multibranch... Read More
How To Events-Add images to events
Viewed 1415 times since Tue, Sep 27, 2011
To add an image to an event you first have to make that image available on the internet. A good place to store images is in an image folder on your web server. You can also store them on public sites but they need to be directly accessible (hot... Read More
How To Events-Enable Residency Stipulation
Viewed 1206 times since Tue, Sep 27, 2011
How To: How To Enable Residency Stipulation For A Customer In Events Below you will find the steps as to how to set up residency requirement on an event in the Events system. When this is set up, the patron will be prompted to answer a question... Read More
Understanding the Waiting List
Viewed 1110 times since Thu, Sep 15, 2011
The Waiting List can be a powerful tool for managing event registration. When creating a new event, you may wish to limit the number of people who can register. If you so chose, you can instruct the system to leave the registration option open to a... Read More
How to Archive an Event
Viewed 867 times since Wed, Sep 7, 2011
Archiving Events is an important way to keep your system running smoothly. You can Archive Events through the Add/Edit/Archive page. Why Archive Events? Archiving an event: Removes the event from the Event Calendar (staff and patron views), ... Read More
Cheat Sheet: How to Add and Publish an Event
Viewed 776 times since Mon, Oct 10, 2011
Adding an Event 1. Select your library. [Note: Modify steps 1 and 2 as per your library’s procedures] 2. Type in your password. _______________________________ 3. Under "event maintenance” click "Add/edit/archive”. 45. Click "Add new... Read More
Understanding Attendance Stats
Viewed 747 times since Fri, Sep 9, 2011
The Event Attendance Sheet is accessible through the Add/Edit/Archive Page. It is a more limited version of what you can find under Event Attendance. It provides a quick and easy way to update numeric attendance figures. Simply enter the attendance... Read More
Cheat Sheet: How to Add an Event (branch staff level)
Viewed 708 times since Mon, Oct 10, 2011
Adding Calendar Events (Branch Staff) 1. Log in 2. Select your library. [Note: Modify steps 1 and 2 as per your library’s procedures] 3. Type in your password. _______________________________ 4. Under "event maintenance” click "Add/edit... Read More
How to Edit an Event
Viewed 668 times since Fri, Sep 9, 2011
Often it is necessary to change the information for an event that you have created. Whether or not an event has been published, you can edit it. You can find the Event EDIT screen by way of the Add/Edit/Archive Page. To edit an event, select Edit... Read More
How to Copy an Event
Viewed 544 times since Fri, Sep 9, 2011
It is not necessary to manually reenter data for each new instance of past events. Using the Copy Single or Copy Recurring Mode in the Add/Edit/Archive Page, you can copy the information from an existing event to a new event, which can then be... Read More