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Hosting Software Through Evanced Solutions

What happens when I subscribe to the Evanced Solutions software?

A copy of the software will be loaded on a server for your library. This is a server maintained by Evanced Solutions and provided to our customers for housing our applications (Events Calendar, Room Reservations, Summer Reader, Genealogy, Signup, Dibs, Peek-A-Book, Spaces).

How are the servers set up?

The servers reside in a ‘cloud’. Cloud computing is Evanced Solution's current hosting hardware architecture. The cloud is basically a hardware environment where there is a distinct separation between the software and the hardware. The operating system is virtualized in this environment and managed by a virtual software manager. This allows for 2 major benefits: The virtual OS can be moved or copied easily allowing for complete snapshot backups which provide quick catastrophic recovery times. The hardware can be replaced or modified quickly with little impact on the running system. In reality, this type of architecture is no different than a standard server from a user's perspective, but it does have significant benefits to the administrators.

Do Evanced servers use SSL?

Yes. SSL is a protocol that allows for an encrypted connection between the client (end user) and the server (application). Using this protocol protects the data that is passed between the browser and the server and makes it more difficult to see that data that is passed. All Evanced Solutions servers have SSL built-in. To utilize this protocol simply change all of your starting links from "HTTP" to "HTTPS".

What about downtime?

While we always do our best to ensure the highest up-times possible, downtime is bound to occur on occasion. Evanced Solutions and our hosting providers, nFrame and Amazon EC2, routinely monitor (and receive automatic notifications of) situations that can potentially be a downtime situation. In the event of a downtime situation, our hosting provider will send email to a list of Evanced Solutions support staff. In addition, nFrame will run through a call rotation that includes the cell phones of several high technical level Evanced Solutions employees and our monitoring tools will notify us about downtime issues at Amazon EC2. We will work with nFrame and Amazon to determine the cause. If the downtime situation is isolated, we will directly notify any customers whose sites were potentially involved. If the downtime situation affects more than a few sites, a description of the situation will be posted to our blog along with updates and resolutions as they become available.

What about security?

A Security Breach is a situation whereby a connection to the database or server has been made by a means outside of our normal expected operation. Evanced Solutions and nFrame routinely monitor (and receive automatic notifications of) situations that can potentially be a security breach. In the event of a breach nFrame will email a list of Evanced Solutions contacts. In addition, they will run through a call rotation that includes the cell phones of several high technical level Evanced Solutions employees. We will work with our hosting provider to determine the cause and evaluate the potential validity of the security breach. If valid, we will take steps necessary to isolate the method the breach used and we will directly notify any customers whose sites were potentially involved. As of 1/24/2011 (the creation date of this document) there has not been a security breach on our current hosting system.

Where is the software housed?

Evanced Solutions has chosen to partner with nFrame Amazon to support our servers. We chose nFrame because of their experience and support in their 99.999% uptime facility and Amazon for their 99.999% uptime and flexibility. nFrame and Amazon provide proven and reliable cloud computing and virtualization services. These high-density, flexible computing solutions are ideal for organizations that want to reduce their capital expenditures in IT infrastructure equipment and human resources.

nFrame has 15 years experience monitoring enterprise-level systems. In addition to proven processes and commercial-grade monitoring applications, nFrame features 24/7 on-site IT engineers to identify, diagnose and resolve system performance issues immediately. The systems monitoring services are provided from nFrame’s SAS 70 compliant, state-of-the-art data center in Indianapolis. Common system performance problems and events we monitor and mitigate include:

  • ICMP Loss
  • ICMP Latency
  • Network Events
  • Trouble Ticket
  • Operating system events
  • Data storage system events
  • Hardware systems state

More information on nFrame may be found here http://www.nframe.com/.

Amazon is the same company that the world over has come to trust to provide high level services (such as shopping and data streaming). Some customers that reside on the Amazon EC2 cloud with Evanced are; Netflix, Pinterest, NASDAQ, Shazam and NASA. More information on Amazon can be found here: http://aws.amazon.com/ec2/ . Amazon's EC2 SLA can be found here: http://aws.amazon.com/ec2-sla/

Questions? Please let us know. Email sales@evancedsolutions.com.

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