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Login Text on the Summer Reader Homepage is not Displaying in 2012 Style Sheet Templates

This problem affects customers who are using 2012 style templates only. By default, text that should appear right above log in credentials fields on the homepage, has been turned off. However, it can be re-enabled. Below, you will find more information and instructions on how to do that.

The text we are referring to here
usually reads like either one of those two sentences listed below; depending on the situation (This section is accessed under Language/Text setup for the language template your particular program is using):

'***** The text displayed in the activity section that instructs the patron how to log in (this text is displayed after the program has started but not after registration has ended) *****

LoginTextDuringProgram_HomePage = "If you have registered for a program before, enter your ^LoginFields^ and click on the <b>Login</b> button.^StartPatronEnrollment^New users click on the <b>Sign Me Up</b> button.^EndPatronEnrollment^"

'***** The text displayed in the activity section that instructs the patron how to log in (this text is displayed after registration has ended but before logging has ended) *****
LoginTextAfterRegistration_HomePage = "Enter your ^LoginFields^ and click on the <b>Login</b> button."


Please go to that program's specific style sheet, under Home, Login section. You will find it set that way:

#login-text {

display: none;


Simply remove this part "display: none;", leaving it looking like this:

#login-text { }

And Save.

This should make the text re-appear on the page.

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