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How Secure is Our Patron Information

The database that contains all of the information about the patron's accounts is secured by encrypted password access. So the data in itself is secure and only accessible to the library staff and the individual patron. Evanced hosting servers all have SSL by default and can be used by changing the link prefix from "HTTP" to "HTTPS" for our pages. What that adds is an extra level of encryption to the data that passes between the patron and the server while they are logged on.

We currently have over 1400 libraries running our Summer Reading program, over 500 libraries running our Event software and over 300 libraries running our Room Reservation software and not a single report of data being obtained or the database being hacked. And there have been attempts. In one particular case, several SQL injection attempts were made on a server that maintained our Summer Reading program over a period of a few days. The customer didn't even know it had happened until they were reviewing the event log a few weeks later. No data was obtained by even that type of directed attack.

It is sometimes difficult to explain to or reassure someone who is very concerned about their personal data that anything is safe. In this case, maybe it makes more sense to not require very much personal data during the registration so they feel they can remain anonymous. But in any case you can rest assured that we at Evanced Solutions are doing what we can to ensure the integrity and safety of you data.

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